About Us

Some History About Almage

Members of three local parishes in east-end Montreal (St. Aloysius, St. Margaret’s and St. George’s) formed a social club to meet the needs of senior citizens in their community. As the need for services increased, CCS was contacted to study and evaluate the needs of the English-speaking seniors. In June 1982, the Almage Centre was officially founded. What began as a centre offering services two days a week with a membership of 50, is now offering services five days a week to 250 members. Today, Almage is proud to be fully independent and has extended its services to 2 Satellite Centres (Rosemont & Montreal-North) where they each offer 1 day per week programs.

Our vision

Our community centre is a home away from home to all, where everyone feels welcome, autonomous, respected and useful.

Our mission

Almage is a senior community centre providing diverse social services and programs to adults (50 years of age and over) throughout the community.

Almage is dedicated to enriching the quality of life of its members by providing an atmosphere of friendship and confidence where, they can socialize with people having similar experiences or interests.

The Territory

Being the only English-speaking centre in east-end Montreal, the territory we service is vast. Almage Senior Community Centre services the following six CLSC territories:

Satellite Centres

The Satellite groups were initiated and started by the Almage Senior Community Centre about 6 years ago. These groups of seniors meet once a week to participate and enjoy programs. The 2 Satellite Centres provide programs 1 day per week to 25 active seniors to break physical, linguistic and psychological isolation. They meet, interact and share experiences with other members. Since these are the only resources for English speaking seniors in the East-End of Montreal.

Rosemont Satellite Centre

4835 7th Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H1Y 2M8
(Mondays 10:00am to 3:00pm)

Montreal-North Satellite Centre

11121 Av. Salk, Montréal-Nord, QC H1G 4Y3
(Fridays 10:00am to 3:00pm)