Centre Programs & Services

The Almage Senior Community Centre offers diverse services. The programs, activities and services cover health promotion, educational, education, recreational and social integration, and senior support services. Most programs are offered free of charge. Activities / programs / services may vary depending upon the interests of the membership.

Health Promotion

Educational, Recreational, and Social Integration:

Become a Member

A membership is always required to take part in Almage activities and / or programs. The membership for the year is $25.00

Support Services

Volunteering Services

We offer many essential and valuable services to our senior population. Volunteers may choose from a variety of programs which suit their particular skills and interests; either within Centre Programs or within Home Support Program. All our volunteers receive ongoing support and supervision from the staff. In addition, volunteers are encouraged to participate in our training programs which enhance interpersonal and helping skills, making the volunteer experience a more meaningful one.