Community Support Services

The Home Support Program at the Almage Senior Community Centre is open to English-speaking seniors experiencing a loss of autonomy. The program is open to anyone 65 years of age and over and living in the below mentioned territory.

The Boroughs

We are the only English-speaking Senior Community Centre in East-End of Montreal. Our services are offered in the nine (9) Boroughs that are listed below:

Our Goal

To help seniors enhance their quality of life, to encourage independence and autonomy,
and to prevent premature institutionalization.

Services Offered

The services available in the program include the following;

Our professional staff will visit our isolated seniors on a regular basis to evaluate their health progress and communicate with
family members if necessary.

Regular calls to ensure all our members are keeping well and if they require any services from Almage Senior Community Centre.

Follow ups with family members concerning their loved ones and/or with individual members.

Ensuring that our members receive the proper information when navigating the Social & Health care networks for their medical needs.

Regular calls to members who are facing difficulties.

Every member who cannot take public transportation and is not entitled to adapted transport can receive taxi coupons twice (2x)/week to participate for various activities for a nominal fee.

A healthy meal includes a fruit, pudding/yogurt and a dessert. Each meal is $8 with a minimum order of 3 meals. Therefore, $24 for meal pick-ups at the Centre or $27 for home delivery.

Members of 1 to 3 years will be subsidized 35% of the trip.

Members of 3 years and over will be subsidized 50% of the trip.